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The internet is awesome! but its a big place, and not everyone is out with your best interests in mind, especially recently with nootropics and their purities being put to the test after Bulk Supplements and many other places that sell Nootropics and supplements were found to contain impurities, heavy metals, and inaccurate or false/fake dosages! To combat this we have collated a list of trusted vendors that have been tested and tried by us, through chemical analysis in the lab with purity testing and mass spec!

Here is the current list we have of trusted partners with more being added all the time! If you need to know where to buy nootropics, and where to buy the highest quality ones, look no further!



Trusted Nootropic Sources List:

Nootropics.com is well known for its quality, good price, and ease of use with pre-capsuled products and the ability to search for products by effects, not to mention their active use in this group!

Mind Nutrition
UK based stacks and pre capsuled supplements for all your needs, quality assured and pure products! Very competitive and good pricing, also they are also quite active in this group!

Customized Blends
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create your own ‘premade’ stacks for what is often a fraction of the cost. Manufactured in-house, ingredients are all tested and each stack can contain up to 12 ingredients and is produced to your exact specifications.

Kognizen By MX Nutraceuticals
Discount Code: Noots10
Kognizen and more by MX nutraceuticals! Be at the top of your game with high quality and pure naturally derived nootropics at finely tailored dosages

More trusted suppliers to come! if you are a vendor and wish to be audited to get on this list, you can contact us here