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The line of best fit has been the go-to target for health and wellness. Who decided that 200mg of ibuprofen is the perfect dosage for every single person on earth? It’s possible that some people will not get the intended benefits from that dosage, while other people will need less than 200mg to get the most benefit. If you look in your medicine cabinet, it’s probably full of different medicines and supplements for different purposes. A lot of people have acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and naproxen despite all three serving essentially the same purpose. Why do we do this? Having multiple tools for the same purpose makes it easier to target exactly what need we’re trying to fill. The line of best fit is great for companies trying to make something for everyone, but it’s just a simple guideline for any given individual. This is why so many people approach us looking for “the best” nootropic, and we aren’t able to give a clear and simple answer. It comes down to what works best for YOU. There are some tried and true things, such as caffeine, but caffeine has it’s share of downsides. Too much and you get jittery, too often and you develop a dependence on it just to be normal. Therefore, like your medicine cabinet, you need a “toolbox” of nootropics. The breadth of the definition of nootropics allows for substances with different targets and use-cases depending on the need. For some people, ideas flow freely, but execution on those ideas is lacking. For others, they can execute quickly and consistently, but over the course of a day they become disorganized. Some people find learning easy and enjoyable, but struggle to apply what they learn, while others find learning frustrating, but easily apply what they retain. Any individual person will have a different combination of strengths and weaknesses, so every individual needs to personalize their toolbox. Great people since the beginning of time have recognized the importance of understanding one’s individual purpose and the path it takes to get there. The Greek aphorism “know thyself” puts it most simply, while Miyamoto Musashi said, “If you know the way broadly you will see it in everything.” Throughout time this has been a consistent refrain repeated, that one should recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses, goals and capabilities, and the path or “way” necessary to have the best possible experience in life. Nootropics aren’t the answer to everything, but they can enhance one’s ability find their path, or go further on their path. By “knowing thyself,” you can more easily identify the what you need help with. By knowing nootropics, you can identify which tools you want in your toolbox. General recommendations can be made such as caffeine or rhodiola for energy, and theanine or magnesium for stress. Until you know what combination of these things gets the best result for you personally, you’re likely to wander in the dark trying various supplements and hoping to find one that “just works.” As you try different nootropics, stacks, diets, exercises, and protocols, you will find that certain ones definitely have a place in your toolbox. Which ones you choose to use may vary by the day, week, or month. As your life evolves, some of your favorites may confer less and less benefit, while you may find a renewed interest in others. This has less to do with “what works,” and more to do with how you change as an individual over time. Life will throw new things at you, and those of us here at NootropicHub will be ready to help you on your path, whatever that may look like for you.