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The admins in this group and platform are here to go above and beyond for you in terms of service and helping you get the most out of nootropics, from use and where to get them, to how they can benefit you with reaching your goals and aspirations. We are all here to help, please feel more than free to ask questions on here, or via PM on Facebook. In light of  “Bulk Supplements” Bulkcutgate (bulk supplements forging their COA’s and cutting their supplements) We feel a strong obligation to police and standardize the way nootropics are sold to people, not just the products that are available and their purity, but the information, knowledge, and education given with them as well. Bulk supplements have been found to be selling contaminated products, either cut with cutters to reduce the purity of what they sell or contaminants from unreacted precursors and heavy metals. They surprisingly enough aren’t the only ones who engage in this malpractice of business ethics, as we have identified many sources from nootropics and SARMs, both vendors and Suppliers/Synthesizers that do so too (AllPro SARMs and almost every Chinese based chemical lab just to name a few, this is due to China’s lack of OH&S + TGA systems, they don’t have one, this is also why everyone from China bulk buys baby formula outside of their borders like Taiwan and many other countries with product and human safety standards enforced, I encourage further research on why we should not source from China!).  This causes not only great harm towards those who use their products but doesn’t achieve the effects wanted from the compound, as dosages of active compound are diluted by cutting agents. The most popular cutting agents used are inositol, PEA, BCAA’s and Polypeptides and cheap amino acids, not to mention caffeine and other substances which could not be identified by testing. What’s the point of using Nootropics if you can’t verify that they are what they claim to be, or what they claim to do. it’s common sense for some kind of standardization to be put in place. so we did!

From now on, all nootropics sources are required to send all COA’s and make contact with us to have any presence on this group at all, if you are not a verified and trusted source, you will be banned and blacklisted. We cannot provide an ecosystem where those who lie and cheat to our community members, I won’t stand for further pain and injuries caused to a community based around the alleviation of human suffering via nootropics. We have a team who will be actively verifying every vendor and COA, not to mention the technologies we have created for this platform, we will now target their efforts towards mitigating the effect and outreach non-compliant nootropics vendors have with us. We now employ the use of AI and real people policies on each post and soon each vendor that can be found online. We can analyze now COA’s on the fly to determine if they are fake or a forgery, alongside further verification through public, crowdsourced testing, via third-party mass spec and other ways of determining what’s in products on the nootropic market. here at nootropics & NootropicHub, we say enough is enough, to bullshit, broscience, bad products, bad knowledge, and bad practice both here in this group and online. we have had enough of the bad limelight on the nootropics scene, protrayed by various media sources and malpractise of those in the industry. as a final message to everyone, we want to make the world of nootropics a more open, and safer place for all. proper access to real education thats peer reviewed and facts based, not anecdotal.
a final message to vendors who misbehave in this space, its now time to conform and follow our standards, or be left behind in the revolution. A good new year to all, I wish you peace, prosperity, productivity, profound self-development, peak performance and plentiful BDNF this year!
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