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What are Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are usually called the chemical messengers of the human body. They are the molecules that the nervous system uses to transmit messages between nerves, or from neurons to muscles. There is communication between two neurons in the synaptic cleft (the...

Alpha Brain: It’s time to stop! Joe Rogan’s loopy lovechild.

  When marketing spin gets in the way of facts and skews results with jargon and overinflated findings, nobody wins, and it's ironically not a smart move for Alpha Brain Although it has been featured in many news media outlets, and it's definitely been discussed...

What are the cofactors of learning?

If you’re going to biohack your brian, it’s best to understand how and why. This is more difficult than it sounds, as neuroscience and neuropharmacology are ever-changing fields. They are often misunderstood even by researchers themselves.  Don’t get me wrong; I feel...

Nootropics, Bulk Supplements’ Fake COA’s & Cutgate, and what we will bring in 2019 to the world of Nootropics that will fix this problem for good

The admins in this group and platform are here to go above and beyond for you in terms of service and helping you get the most out of nootropics, from use and where to get them, to how they can benefit you with reaching your goals and aspirations. We are all here to...

The Toolbox Concept: Why Nootropics Will Never Be “One Size Fits All”

The line of best fit has been the go-to target for health and wellness. Who decided that 200mg of ibuprofen is the perfect dosage for every single person on earth? It’s possible that some people will not get the intended benefits from that dosage, while other people...

What are Nootropics? and why they’re not all smart drugs.

What are Nootropics, what defines them, why they are different to 'Smart Drugs' and why the difference matters. After the advent of modern civilization, the defining attribute of human success became intelligence. How smart you are is much more important today than...